Monday, 23 January 2012

How does aggression evolves in our days?

 In today’s world, between the problems that society is trying to handle, another problem has started to grow dramatically in the last decades. Percentages of aggressiveness in people’s behavior have reached a peak. There are numerous factors that can be attributed the causes of aggressive human behavior such as biological, natural instincts and more.

Scientifically explained, the aggressive elements on one’s character have specifically biological and moralistic explanations. To begin with the biological factor, it is considered to analyze how the aggressive characteristics affect human behavior. It is proved that mankind has an innate instinct of aggression that is inheritable by genes. This instinct enables people to satisfy their sense of survival. Additionally, there is the moralistic side of factor. It has to do with the protection and the defense against everything that seems threatening, and also has to do with the prevail of the fittest.

 The most common subcategory of aggressive behavior is interpersonal. More specifically, it is caused by some conditions of similar behaviors that preexist and are being observed in the near environment. Moreover, cancelation is another phenomenon that affects human behavior. Therefore, cancelation is the negative feeling that remains after non-satisfying ambitions. This phenomenon was achieved to be better explained with an experiment that was conducted from Bandura with a doll. Here is a video that explains how the experiment confirms the theory.

The experiment had shown that the participants that had the expectation of playing with the toys in the first room, had presented the phenomenon of cancelation and later a more aggressive behavior towards the toys that were allowed for playing.

And last but not least, another impact on people’s behavior is the external environmental, that alternates behavior into more aggressive. That kind of impact is high temperatures, pain, crowding and other objects that are associated with aggressiveness. These conditions usually put into an awkward position a person, and radically change some aspects of its character.
 Furthermore, the main reason that the percentages of aggressiveness have reached a peak is the media. In older periods the rates were not that high, but with the violence that is being promoted nowadays through television, videogames and the internet have started to strike early ages that steadily adopt similar behaviors due to the quality of stimuli that are being massively exposed to.
To prevent all of this from happening you should be more careful and think wise the consequences of your actions. And remember:
Aggression only moves in one direction - it creates more aggression. For everything you need about this matter, some advices about a friend, a relative or even for yourself don’t be shy, just ask. I will be happy to help you.

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