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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

What would you do if your race was destined to be the next big thing in snack foods?
Let's watch the trailer at this point..

Welcome to Oddworld:Abe's Oddysee the game was published in 1997 for PS1.
Abe's odyssey follows Abe in his struggle to save his fellow mudokon slaves from being slaughtered and becoming meat sticks.Abe does not have any offensive abilities except of chanting.You can chant enemies and take full control over them.Chant can also used to save the mudokon slaves through bird portals and activate some abilities later on.Abe can either Walk-Run-Roll and Sneak.Running in this game is crucial, if you don't run in most situations you will end up dead.Rolling is as fast as Running but in some situations you will have to roll in order to pass under a ramp or a pipe etc.Sneaking is for passing by enemies unnoticed behind them or when they are sleeping.All these things are good..BUT the most exciting part of this game is the emotions you actually get to see and the control of the mudokons through your voice! Yeah we have voice commands like Follow me-Hello and Work and so on.I mean come on! the game was published in 1997 and we get to see voice commands these early.I find exciting and great if you don't agree with me that's fine..I will just slice you with my meat grinder! no I won't :)

So let's begin.
Abe's odyssey starts when Abe accidentally hears the evil plans of the glukkons and starts running in the factory.The first area players will get to see is the Rupture farms and a new enemy as well the sligs.Sligs are equiped with heavy guns and can actually one-hit you :)Sligs are hired by the glukkons as security guards.Note that you can chant the sligs and use them as killing machines or use them wisely to take control of the slogs in some areas.When sligs are chanted they have their own unique voice controls to take over slogs.You can also kill the other sligs or the mudokons but you don't want to do this...Right?...when you a slig under your control it has it's own unique voice commands and players can use them to moke the other sligs or take control of the slogs.There are many ways to kill and many ways to die..I forgot to mention the bombs.In some areas there are bomb vend can use the bombs to kill or destroy mines.In this point of the preview I would like to leave my personal comment.ABSOLUTELY everything in this game wants to kill you.In Rupture farms players will encounter some easy puzzles for starters like the switching bombs or the meat dropping.Activating bombs may help in some situations.
Something that I did not mention earlier is that you main objective is to save as many mudokon slaves as possible.Although there's another quest players can try.Save all 100 mudokons.I'm gonna spoil here something..I remember when people actually completed the game with 99 mudokons and complained about the last one..Seriously?You are the last mudokon who needs saving!Upon saving 99 mudokon slaves and completing the game, That's it! BUT. It will not be so easy, trust me.There are many secret areas hidden throughout  the game and some of them are really tough the others are just challenging.So,you think you have what it takes to save all 100* mudokons? I would love to see you guys try this.

  After Rupture farms Abe will try to escape but it won't be that easy as the security here is fair challenging.In this area players will encounter four enemies in total. Sligs,Slogs,Bats and Scrabs.

Slogs are like the doggys in this game.It can one hit you as well.Slogs can be found in two different sizes small and normal.The small one is really slow but the normal size is fast.Obedient to sligs.

Now for the bats...I hate these things..I remember when I was 8 years old and played this game I always died from bats and I could not procced.!Annoying as need some patience when you encounter them to let them pass photo found for bats alone..No wonder why..

And now for my personal favourite character in this game..Meet the killing machine the super duper wooper..

This powerfull creature was a guardian of the ancient mudokon tribe mudachee and its appearence was used as symbol.Can one hit abe-mudokons sligs and fleeches.scrubs are really fast and can jump from cliffs.I also love the soundtrack they use when encountering a scrub.Note:You cant chant scrubs.BUT! when you try to chant them they will start screaming and may change the direction they walk or look the other way.You need to be extra carefull when encountering them.The mark of the scrab is one of the two sacred markings required for a mudokon to harness the power of Shrykull.

As you continue Abe will realise that mudokons are not supposed to be slaves.
and while he stares at the moon.....He falls off the cliff...yeah......fantastic....

Abe recieves a vision from the mysterious Big Face.

When Abe wakes up from his vision he is in the mudokon ancient temple.
Here the are some new puzzles and a new way to communicate with the native mudokons.
Note:if you dont mimic the natives they wont hesitate to kill you.Abe can communicate with the natives throught whistles.Note#2:In this area there are no slave mudokons to save but dont forget the hidden areas ;).This ancient temple divides in to two new temples.Paramonian and Scrabanian the two templers that Abe saw in his vision..

Paramonian temple.
The paramonian temple is an ancient mudokon providing ground for those who wish to gain the powers of the Shrykull.It is a nesting place of many paramites and should a mudokon succeed in completing all the trials he will be awarded with the Paramite handscar.It also leads off to Paramonia, a thick dangerous forest which provides a tough test for mudokons wishing to obtain the handscar.Abe will have to face both sligs and paramites in this area in order for him to take the handscar and procced to the next temple..I believe that Paramonian temple is a lot easier than Scrabanian temple.

Paramites are natural beasts who make their home in the Paramonian Temple.Whilst they look harmless enough,they are friendly and you can play with them when there's only one paramite.but when they are in a pack..Paramites are a feared enemy among the Oddworld caves and catacombs. These carnivorous creatures are pale in colous due to the lack of sunlight.Muscular forearms help them scurry on the ground and climb massive webs. Their six appendage, claw-like mouth is extremely deadly.

Scrabanian temple

The Scrabanian temple is an ancient mudokon proving ground (Like paramonian temple) for those who wish to gain the powers of the Shrykull. It is home to many Scrabs and should a mudokon succeed in completing all the trials, he will be awarded with the Scrab Handscar.It also leads off to Scrabania, a barren desert wasteland, which provides a tough test for mudokons wishing to obtain the handscar.The scar is the other half of the power needed for the Shrykull.Note:you can choose which temple you want to do first.Its up to you.Players will encounter a new enemy here as well.Fleech.

Fleeches are large, greenish leech-like worms.They have two heads, one on each of their ends, and their mouths have long, sticky tongues, which they use to trap, grab and draw in their prey to devour.They are made by Vykkers and are sometimes bought by Glukkons as pet, but when they grow too large, they are normally flushed down a toiler. (yeah)..

                                                     God of the mudokons.Shrykull.
Shrykull is a mudokon God, in appearence a mixture of scrab and paramite.The shrykull has the body if a scrab but limbs like a paramite's forelegs protruding from its midsection.It also has a fringe of paramite facial-digits around its head.A mudokon who has gained the handscars of Paramonia and Scrabania can become the avatar of this creature for a short period of time.Abe successfully completed these trials and therefore gained the power.
Note:Abe can not use Shrykull's power whenever he likes.In order to get them back once used it to save mudokons through the bird portal with the number 3 floating in the center of it. you muse send a minimum of 3 mudokons through it to gain Shrykull's power.

The return of the Messiah to the Rupture farms.
As soon as Abe obtains the power of Shrykull his destination is no other than Rupture farms to finish them off.Rupture farms as place will not have any changes but the security will have some major changes.more bombs more sligs and slogs and no time to lose.The last mudokons are not easily to be found.Rupture farms like the two temples will have some trials before you get to the boiler room.Once Abe gets to the boiler room a counting will begin with 2 minutes times to escape from the factory and save the last mudokons.Note if you have not saved many mudokons throughout the game you will not be able to finish the game.

So this is the end.
Good Ending.

Bad Ending.
                                                                                                                    Thanks :) Marixos04          

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