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Silent Hill:Shattered Memories

Hello everybody we are here again to see yet another great game Silent Hill:Shattered Memories

The game is available for Wii,PSP and PS2 but you can actually play it on PC as well (not sure for PS3).
Typical Silent hill game with creepy music and monsters lurking around when you get in Nightmare mode.One thing I didn't like was the map yeah it sucks because when you face enemies and you have no idea where to go you cant just simply open your map and take your time to see where you are like the previous games.its annoying seriously.Anyway a really good game to try after the failure of the series Silent hill:The room which I hatted but you are free to try it anyway.Great story great graphics fantastic music as mentioned and the Psychological part of the game which is the first time in games where you can actually change the whole game just by answering differently to some questions than you would normally do.Anyway! on with the game then!

The player is observed and evaluated by the game as he or she plays, and his or her actions will have an effect on multiple aspects of play, including the appearance of its attendant monsters and characters' attitudes, gender and clothing changing according to the player's choices. The protagonist, Harry, is equipped with a mobile phone which he can use to check the map via GPS, receive text and audio messages, take photographs and dial numbers. In the Wii version, the Wii Remote is used for puzzle-solving and to control the player's flashlight and mobile phone.Checking scattered diary pages and documents has been eliminated in favor of visually scanning the environment and utilizing the mobile phone to zoom in on objects and text and to reveal hidden messages by taking pant. The game does not feature combat, with emphasis placed on evading encounters with monsters.Its a lot better in Wii thats for sure.


The game begins in the office of therapist Dr. K, where the player can interact from a first-person perspective. After the player fills out a questionnaire, the game cuts to the town of Silent Hill. Throughout the game, the game cuts back to this session, where the doctor listens to the events unfold. Harry's journey is also occasionally interrupted when the town transforms into the Nightmare, in which he is forced to run from monsters.

Harry Mason wakes up from a car crash to find his daughter Cheryl has gone missing. He explores the seemingly empty town, as a snow storm has forced most residents to take refuge in their homes. After talking to police officer Cybil Bennett, Harry makes his way home, believing Cheryl might have gone there. While wandering the streets, the town begins to freeze over, and he meets monsters that chase him. He reaches his house, only to find another family living there. Cybil arrives, deciding to take him to the police station and figure things out, but she stops and decides to look around when her car windows become covered with snow. Harry escapes into nearby woods, making a beeline for a nearby building, and decides to head back to town. But he once again encounters the Nightmare in the woods.

Eventually he finds his way to the local high school, where he meets Michelle Valdez, and learns of a Cheryl Mason who was a student there years ago. Michelle shows him a photograph of that Cheryl, which depicts a girl much older than his daughter, though she notes that the pictured Cheryl resembles him. Michelle offers to drive Harry to Cheryl's address, but when Harry briefly steps away, he comes back to find Michelle replaced by Dahlia, a girl who acts as if she has been with Harry the whole time. Scared and disoriented, he accepts the ride, but as they cross over the town's bridge, another shift to the Nightmare causes the car to fall into Lake Toluca. Harry manages to get out, but loses consciousness as Dahlia drowns. He comes to in Silent Hill's Alchemilla Hospital, being wheeled in a chair by Cybil. But he finds himself stuck back in the Nightmare.

He escapes and meets nurse Lisa Garland, who seems to have wrecked her car into the hospital, and escorts her to her home. Lisa tells Harry she has a headache, and he gives her pills. Harry leaves the apartment, and after wandering the streets, is sent a message from Michelle telling him to meet her at the mall. However, Harry's attention is diverted when, upon reaching the mall, he receives a phone call from Lisa. Harry finds himself in another Nightmare, but eventually makes it back to the apartment, only for Lisa to be either dying or already dead, depending on in-game actions taken by the player. Cybil arrives to find him standing over the body, but before she can arrest him, Harry re-enters the Nightmare.
Harry escapes to Cheryl's home. Inside, he finds an older Dahlia, who claims to be his wife. She tells Harry that Cheryl is at the lighthouse; however, Harry enters yet another Nightmare and runs out of the room, only to realize he is in a maze. He finds himself back in Dahlia's room, only this time it is empty.

Harry gets a ride from Michelle, but she and her boyfriend fight and leave the car. Left alone, Harry finds his way through the Lakeside Amusement Park to the docks, where he finds Dahlia, young again. She sets course for the lighthouse and seduces Harry. When Harry wakes, Dahlia and the world are frozen. Harry heads across the frozen lake for the lighthouse, but falls in the water and passes out. He is dragged ashore near the lighthouse by Cybil, who confronts him and claims that Harry Mason died eighteen years ago in a car crash. As Harry proceeds, he finds the "Lighthouse" is actually Dr. K's clinic.

At this point, it is revealed that the patient in the therapy segments is not Harry, but in fact a twenty-five-year-old Cheryl. Harry enters the Lighthouse office, and Cheryl now realizes that the fragments of conflicting memories are in fact false recollections based on her childhood memories. The last scene of the game varies according to the psychological profile of the player. Cheryl may reconcile herself to the death of her father (either by accepting it or by rejecting him entirely), or decide to continue to believe that her father is alive. She is shown meeting with her mother Dahlia in the parking lot. The game ends with old home videos from Cheryl's camcorder.

Four variations of this video are available based on the player's actions as Harry, reflecting the traits of Harry with his family while he was alive. All videos begins with the footage from the beginning of the game, when the video is abruptly overwritten with another recording. If Harry was focusing on finding Cheryl and was caring during the course of the game, the video shows Harry packing his luggage in a car while Cheryl records. Harry tells Cheryl not to blame herself for the divorce and that he and Dahlia will always love Cheryl and the video ends. This ending is known as "Love Lost". If Harry was focusing more on alcohol, the video shows a drunk Harry outside his house yelling at Cheryl and demanding another beer. The video ends with Harry complaining that he is drinking because of his family. This ending is called "Drunk Dad". If Harry was focusing more on women and sexual intercourse, the video shows Harry flirting on his bed with Lisa and Michelle. They ask whether Harry would dedicate his next book to them and Harry responds by saying that he does that only to his wife and daughter to only be fair. This ending is named "Sleaze and Sirens". If Harry was a slacker during the game, the video shows Dahlia slapping him. This ending is called "Wicked and Weak". A joke ending can be obtained if Harry takes a photograph of thirteen UFOs scattered through the game. In this ending, Cheryl tells Dr. K that she believes Harry was kidnapped by extraterrestrials, and that Silent Hill was built on a spaceship. At this point of the game, James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2 breaks into the clinic, in order to discover that his appointment was on the next day. Soon after, Cheryl turns into a dog while Dr. K turns into an extraterrestrial.
I totally recommend this game for all of you Silent hill fans.Also if you had never the chance to play Silent hill this is a good start! so I hope that everyone will get to see some videos about the game and if you decide to buy it, you will remember me :) Have fun people! Stay away from the shadows and be careful while in a nightmare...

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